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Kikkoman in the USA

Hello, everyone! It's Kan-Chan.

Today I would like to talk a little about the history of Kikkoman in the USA.

 20120112_soy sauce.jpg

Some years after the end of World War Ⅱ, Kikkoman began full-scale marketing in the US in the 1950's. At that

time, products were mainly being exported from Japan for use by Japanese Americans and Japanese nationals living abroad. But with the future in mind, food seminars and recipe development were actively being carried out with

hopes that the rest of the country would begin to adopt soy sauce into their daily cooking.


20120112_BBQ.jpgIn 1957, Kikkoman established a sales office in San Francisco. Emphasizing how well soy sauce goes with meat, the slogan "Delicious on Meat" soon became widely recognized and demand continued to grow for the seasoning,

especially for use at BBQs.


20120112_ad.jpgIn 1961, Teriyaki sauce began being sold. Not long after, marinating meat before grilling became a popular way of

preparing meals.


20120112_teriyaki.jpgThe demand for soy sauce continued to rise, and in 1973 Kikkoman saw the completion of a factory in Wisconsin

and soon began shipping. More than two dacades later, a second factory in California was finished in 1998 and

continues to produce to this day.

In this way Kikkoman Soy Sauce grew in popularity over the last half century and today is used in almost half of all

American households. Enjoying the great success of its soy sauce, Kikkoman also developed a wide range of other

products including BBQ sauce, soy milk and bread crumbs that too have become popular with American families.


For more information about Kikkoman's wide range of products please visit the Kikkoman USA homepage.


20120112_products1.jpgAnd as always, you can expect Kikkoman to continue to bring deliciousness to your dinner table!


Until next time!


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